Success Story: Stephanie A. Jimenez

Stephanie’s year in the UTPA REU program resulted in TWO peer reviewed publications: Jimenez SA, Faulkes Z. 2010. Establishment and care of a laboratory colony of parthenogenetic marbled crayfish, Marmorkrebs. Invertebrate Rearing 1(1): 10-18. Jimenez SA, Faulkes Z. 2011. Can the parthenogenetic marbled crayfish Marmorkrebs compete with other crayfish species in fights? Journal of Ethology 29(1): 115-120. DOI: 10.1007/s10164-010-0232-2 Both have already been cited by other papers: six times and once, respectively, according to Google Scholar.

Stephanie A. Jimenez The University of Texas-Pan American