Success Story: Michelle Shero

In the summer of 2009, Michelle Shero, having completed her sophomore year of college, participated in the University of Alaska Anchorage’s REU program working with Dr. Jennifer Burns. Research from that summer focused on the development of oxygen stores and muscle biochemistry in northern fur seals, and resulted in a peer-reviewed publication. The following summer, Michelle returned to Anchorage through the REU program and started what would soon be the basis of her graduate research. Currently a Master’s student at UAA, Michelle’s research project looks at seasonal changes in Weddell seal physiology in McMurdo Sound, Antarctica, and how these factors correlate to the top predator’s diving behavior. Michelle was recently awarded a Graduate Research Fellowship from the National Science Foundation. She plans to expand her project and work towards her Ph.D. in marine biology. Link for paper: Link for expanded story:

Michelle Shero St. Mary's College of Maryland