Success Story: Kaylinette Pinet

Kaylinnette Pinet began working in the lab of Dr. Cynthia Bradham at Boston University during the summer following her sophomore year. Her project focused on engineering self-inactivating pantropic retroviruses as tools for systems-level manipulation of gene expression in sea urchin embryos (Core, et al. 2012). During her senior year, Kaylinnette gave a talk at the International Conference for Developmental Biology of the Sea Urchin XXI about antisense and bicistronic expression mediated by pantropic retroviruses in sea urchin embryos. At the conference, Kaylinnette received an award for Best Oral Presentation, in competition with graduate and postdoctoral presenters. Kaylinnette has recently been accepted to a Biology Ph. D. program at Tufts University.

Kaylinette Pinet Boston University