Success Story: Elaine Garcia

Elaine Garcia’s was as a Santa Rosa Community College Student when she had her first research experience. She participated in San Francisco State’s REU program conducting research in embryology in Dr. Domingo’s lab in 2009. This was her first exposure to independent research science and real bench work in developmental biology. Elaine states “And to be absolutely honest, I truly believe that this program was the turning point in my career. Coming from my local community college in Santa Rosa, I didn’t think I had a chance at a University-level research program. But that life-changing experience at SFSU was just what I needed to build my confidence and understanding of research science before matriculating at UCDavis for the last two years of my Bachelors degree (B.S.) in Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior (NPB).” At UCDavis, Elaine dedicated endless hours to her research in Dr. Furlow’s lab. She performed so well that she was awarded the Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Research. After graduation she joined Dr. S. Kogan’s lab at UC San Francisco researching acute myeloid leukemia. In Fall of 2013, Elaine was accepted into the PhD program in Biological and Biomedical Sciences at Harvard University. She has been working in Dr. David Langenau’s lab and will be graduating this spring 2019. She will then be attending a program at Genentech this summer 2019.

Elaine Garcia Santa Rosa Community College