Assessment and Evaluation

Program evaluation and assessment of student learning gains are crucial activities that not only inform program development and delivery, but also provide essential data to the National Science Foundation regarding the national impact of REU programs. Following the 2010 BIO REU PI meeting, the PI community agreed to adopt a common tool to assess REU student learning gains. Consequently, PIs are required to use the BIO REU common survey. Beyond this common survey, PIs are strongly encouraged to add program specific questions to their surveys and/or to collect different types of assessment and evaluation data (e.g. exit interviews, focus groups) to fully document their individual program outcomes and impacts.

Summer 2017:
The BIO REU common survey is available on a new site through the Center for the Improvement for Mentored Experiences in Research (CIMER) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. It also continues to be available through the Undergraduate Research Student Self-Assessment (SALG/URSSA) site. REU PIs may use either site in summer 2017, but must log in with a username and password specific to each site.

Detailed instructions for the new CIMER based tool are posted below and an email was sent to each PI on July 14, 2017 from “” with the login link and their individual username and password. Please direct questions about the new CIMER based tool to Ms. Leah Nell Adams (

Summer 2018 CIMER Instructions for PIs (pdf)

2017 BIO REU CIMER Common Assessment Summary

Summer 2017 CIMER Instructions for PIs (pdf)

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