See links below to posters presented at the 2010 NSF BIO REU Workshop. All files are in PDF Format.


“Ecology, Evolution and Behavioral Field Research”
Eric Nagy, Mountain Lake Biological Station, University of Virginia

“Enriching the REU Experience”
Donna Cerabona, Melissa Harintho, Dr. Michelle Whaley, University of Notre Dame, Department of Biological Sciences

“Enrichment Components in the Summer REU Program at the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center”
Mark Running, Donald Danforth Plant Science Center

“Long-term Evaluation of the Harvard Forest Summer Research Program in Ecology”
Aaron Ellison, Harvard Forest, Harvard University

“Minority Under Representation in Science: Why should we care, and can we fix it?”
Paul Laybourn, Colorado State University

“ND Tribal College REU Program 2009: Research Experiences for Undergraduates in Ecology”
Jeremy Guinn, Environmental Science Program, Sitting Bull College

“NSF REU Site: Bioenergy Systems –Integrating Institutional Approaches in Nebraska”
Dr. Paul Blum, Dr. Heriberto Cerutti, Laurie Voelker, Renee Rodriguez Batman, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

“REU in Biodiversity Conservation: a multidisciplinary, collaborative approach to undergraduate research”
Patricia H. Kelley, University of North Carolina Wilmington
Gregory P. Dietl, Paleontological Research Institution

“REU Site: Interdisciplinary Studies for Sensor and Biosensor Development”
Omar Oyarzabal, Department of Biological Sciences, Alabama State University

“Research Experiences in Animal Behavior”
Emilia Martins, Center for the Integrative Study of Animal Behavior, Indiana University

“Students Grow as Scientists and Citizens through REU Enrichment Activities”
David Berg, Department of Biology, University of South Dakota

“Web-Based Submission and Evaluation of REU Applications”
Camilo Rosero, Tiffany Fleming, Georg Jander, Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research

“Undergraduate Research Experiences in Cellular and Molecular Biosciences”
David Hackney, Carnegie Mellon University