Assessment and Evaluation

Principal Investigators received an email from NSF in early June 2016 regarding an REU assessment tool that they are required to use to assess the learning gains of their REU Site students. This tool has the same questions as the previous SALG URSSA tool that many PIs have used.

Detailed instructions will be posted here and an email will be sent to PIs in early July 2016 from "" with a login link, their username (email), and an auto-generated password. PIs may change their password once logged in. Each PI's REU site grant will be identified by award number, their name and institution.

Program assessment is a crucial activity that not only informs program development and delivery but also provides essential data to the National Science Foundation regarding the national impact of REUs on student learning and achievement.  To better serve the community the BIO REU Leadership Committee, as a result of the 2010 BIO REU PI meeting in March, is recommending that programs use the on-line evaluation tool "Undergraduate Research Student Self-Assessment" as a primary component of assessing student learning gains.  As a condition of each REU award, PIs are required to use the common BIO REU survey available at the URSSA site. Programs are free to use other assessment tools in addition to the SALG/URSSA.

Summer 2015 URSSA Instructions for PIs (PDF)

Summer 2014 URSSA Instructions for PIs (PDF)

Summer 2013 URSSA Instructions for PIs (PDF)

Summer 2012 URSSA Instructions for PIs. (PDF)

Summer 2010 and 2011 BIO REU Pilot Assessment Report

Summer 2010 BIO REU Pilot Assessment Report

BIO REU Pilot Assessment Core Questions (PDF)

BIO REU Pilot Assessment Core and Sample Optional Questions (PDF)

Common BIO REU Assessment Tool Draft Survey (PDF)

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