Just-in-Time Review System

We are delighted to announce a new resource available to BIO REU students! The Just-in-Time review system provides REU students quick turn around review, by graduate students, of their research abstracts, papers, poster presentations and other materials associated with their research. By providing another "set of eyes" the Just-in-Time review system gives not only editorial and content feedback to REU students but also provides real-time chat sessions for REU students to discuss their review with the graduate assistant.

To submit a document for review the REU student simply has to register as a student on the BIO REU website then click the Just-in-Time link under resources (http://bioreu.org/content/just-in-time-review) and upload their document. A graduate assistant is then notified of the materials being available for review. REU students are also directed to a chat room for a virtual meeting with the graduate assistant once the review has been completed.

This is one of the many fantastic ideas that evolved from our 2012 BIO REU Workshop!

As an addition note - we have secured 1 of 2 graduate assistants who will be supported for $7500 per year for this effort. Ms. Nicole Henderson, a PhD candidate in Environmental Biology, is one of them. We are looking for a PhD student on the molecular side as well. If you have a student who would be interested (10 hrs per week on average throughout the year with most hours being in late summer/early Fall) please have them contact Dr. Robyn Hannigan for more information (robyn.hannigan@umb.edu).

As always keep the great ideas coming and if you have any questions about this effort or others please don't hesitate to contact the BIO REU Leadership Council Chair Dr. Janet Branchaw (branchaw@wisc.edu).